Should PVC Roof Sheets Be Maintained ?

  • By:Rufu
  • Date:2021/11/24

Customers who have used steel tiles know that steel tiles are easy to rust, have poor corrosion resistance, and often need to be maintained. now it has been changed to use PVC roof sheets to replace steel tiles. do PVC roof sheets need to be maintained ?


Because the steel tile is iron, even if the surface is sprayed with paint, but the paint falls off will be easy to rust, we have to often refurbish, so that to calculate the maintenance cost will be relatively high. PVC tile roofing sheets are resin material, have good corrosion resistance, never rust. Some would say that PVC roof sheets are plastic and not durable. In fact, there is a big difference between resin and plastic, plastic has a small amount of resin, so it is easy to age, but the resin composition of PVC roof sheets is 80%.


PVC roof sheet


The experiment proved that the PVC roof sheets were soaked in various acids for 24 hours without any reaction; the resin tiles did not absorb water and are not easy to absorb dust. If it is a high-quality PVC roof sheet, no later maintenance is required for 15 years more !


Pvc roof sheets are light, fire insulation, heat insulation, wind resistance and shockproof, simple installation, environmental protection, etc., suitable for carport, channel, workshop which is an alternative to steel tile, and is becoming more and more widely used. We suggest that PVC roof tiles are also needed to be protected and maintained to expand its life span so as to exploy its function for a long time.




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