RUFUTILE is professional upvc rooftop ceramic tile producer, UPVC dual wall page are better in heat insulating material than regular composite pvc material plastic-type rooftop tiles when it comes to preventing growing older, deterioration elimination. Heating temperatures' outcome can approximately dissimilarities by 15-20℃, an extended support lifestyle .UPVC twin walls roof structure page even offers acid solution and alkali level of resistance, Significantly better in noise insulating material. Since the UPVC twin wall surface framework is more firm than other one covering or three tiers upvc roof page, the space between purlin can approximately 1200 mm during installing, helps save purlin procurement and building price.


UPVC dual walls rooftop page has Outstanding temperature efficiency and fast chilling work with Air flow composition. The design of hollow multiple-framework cleverly makes use of the principle of running air flow heat insulating material, which makes it one of the first range of roof structure supplies for indoor air conditioning inside the developing.


Pvc material roof structure multiple-framework design and style, both inflexible and gentle material hollow multiple-framework composition created by dense encouragement tendon helps make the product solidity and bending opposition doubled, that can bring you the cost of roof structure metal construction, and the physical appearance is a lot more gentle and generous. Seem insulation is amazing, far from problems.


Using air flow press audio efficiency, the outcome is wonderful, far more let you steer clear of loud. Patent style, for water avoidance and seepage elimination. Use innovative ASA co-extrusion modern technology to make certain that color continues to be unchanged for ten years.





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