Animal farm is a relatively corrosive place, the steel structure, walls and roof of the breeding greenhouse must be done with anti-rust treatment, in order to extend the service life.Farm roof tile, it is recommended to use UPVC roof sheet, never rust.


PVC twin wall hollow roof sheet breeding farm project case

In the past, farms generally use color steel tiles built, but color steel tiles themselves do not have anti-corrosion performance, used in the farm, will accelerate the corrosion of color steel tiles, later need frequent maintenance, maintenance costs are huge.There are also asbestos tiles, but asbestos tiles are poor weather tolerance, and contain carcinogens, which can seriously affect the health of livestock.


Asbestos tiles are of poor weather tolerance and are carcinogenic

Now there is a farm professional tile-hollow corrosion thermal insulation tile, excellent corrosion performance, service life than ordinary composite tile 8-10 years; using hollow structure, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation performance, heat insulation effect compared with ordinary composite tile can be 10-15℃, to provide comfortable feeding environment for farms; hollow corrosion insulation is a new environmental protection building materials, non-toxic and harmful gas release, smooth surface, waterproof and moisture, conducive to washing and disinfection, can inhibit bacterial growth; and has the advantages of fire insulation, wind resistance, hail and other natural disasters.


PVC roofing sheet breeding farm project case

If the roof tiles need to be repaired regularly, not only the trouble will also have an impact on the growth of livestock.UPVC roof sheet is more beautiful, comfortable, safe, durable, an installation once and for all at a time, an investment is more than countless maintenance and replacement.Building materials choose well, livestock grow well, breeding cost to save a lot!





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