Basic requirement of UPVC roof sheet

1) Super durability and resistance to aging

With UV absorbent, the main data of heat insulation tile uses imported PVC resin as the substrate.Antioxidants, modifiers, etc., effectively prolong the service life of the heat insulation PVC roof tile substrate.The appearance of foreign general outdoor building materials anti-aging-resistant resin as the UPVC roof tile exterior materials, even if the temporary surface is exposed in ultraviolet light, moisture, heat, cold and impact, can still adhere to its stability, can ensure the lasting and safe use of products, completely solve the durability and easy fading problems of plastic roof building materials.


2) Excellent heat insulation effect is not afraid of heat in summer

The application of core layer foam technology ensures the formation of porous mechanism and heat insulation tiles inside the product.Effectively block the heat energy transmission.The thermal conductivity of ultra-resistant thermal insulation tile is 0.039W/Mk is about 1 / 310mm thick cement tile of color steel tile 1 / 2000 without considering the thermal insulation, tile thermal insulation can still achieve better, fully meet the needs of modern factories.According to the heat insulation experiment of roof tile, Criterion ultra-resistant heat insulation tile can play a good heat insulation effect under external high temperature irradiation. Heat insulation experiment data indicate Criterion ultra-resistant heat insulation tile, and UPVC roofing sheets can effectively insulation 5-8 degrees.


3) Good anti-corrosion performance is not afraid of acid

Base, PVC Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets main data and the surface of the special super weather resistant resin are not associated with acid.The occurrence of chemical reaction, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, even if the tile body is in the acid, alkali, salt environment for a long time will not lead to a decline in product performance.Therefore, the ideal roof building materials in coastal areas with strong salt mist corrosion and areas with serious air pollution completely solve the acid-alkali anti-corrosion resistance of roof building materials in chemical plants, ceramic factories, electroplating plants and other enterprises.Due to the anti-corrosion tiles of PVC Roof Sheet Manufacturer, PVC Tile Roofing Sheets have bright and colorful characteristics, and are also suitable for building plastic tiles in European mobile villas, resorts, playgrounds, parks and flat roof slopes.


4) Good mechanical performance and high strength

The addition of multiple modifiers to the material of each tile changes the physical properties of PVC resin and heat insulation tiles.The disposal of the special production process greatly enhances the mechanical strength of the tile itself and also adheres to the good toughness of the PVC resin substrate, so that the heat insulation tile itself has a strong bending resistance strength, pressure resistance strength, bending resistance strength and impact resistance strength, etc.Actual application has proved that UPVC roofing sheets is acid-and alkali anti-corrosion-resistant heat insulation tile, on the basis of fully ensuring safe construction, even in the typhoon coastal areas is also safe!


5) High utilization rate of the economy. Environmental protection !

Drilling UPVC roof sheet is stable. Saw, cutting of PVC roof tile plate has large width, large lap area, small number of connections, low overall project cost, reliable quality, fast construction speed, fast device and good economic benefits.Actual product utilization rate is up to 95%.


6) Fire prevention performance and refractory grade B1 building materials

This 3 layers upvc roof sheet has been tested by the National Fire Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Station: the fire performance grade is refractory B1 building materials.All plants emphasizing fire safety regulations are applicable, heat insulated tiles.For the national building materials promotion association recommended for the use of safe, environmental protection roof building materials.


7) Sound insulation

When the sound of falling rain hits the PVC roof tile surface, the core layer of the three core layer is porous data with porous ventilation performance.The sound wave is transmitted to the porous data, causing the air vibration in the gap, produces friction and reflection with the porous wall, attenuates the sound and produces the sound absorbing effect, and achieves the function of sound insulation.





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