UPVC Twin Wall Sheet

The UPVC Twin Wall Sheet is versatile and easy to use. Homeowners, DIY enthusiasts and contractors can use this product for a variety of interior and exterior applications. In homes and offices, it can be used to set privacy signs or room dividers.


While the UPVC twin wall sheet is of course approved for indoor use, it is especially popular in outdoor projects. Specifically, it can be used to make awnings, sidewalks, and carports. It is often used to build greenhouses due to its transparency and ability to capture and retain heat, which is very suitable for growing plants that require a cohesive environment.

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Spanish Roof Tile
  • Environmental protection-Because Spanish roof tiles and other terracotta tiles are made of natural materials and can be easily recycled, they are very environmentally friendly.
  • Fire and heat resistance-Clay bricks not only reflect solar radiant heat, but also help to insulate your house in the colder months. Due to the curved appearance of Spanish tiles, it is able to ventilate and prevent hot air from entering. In addition to heat resistance, clay bricks also have fire resistance and have reached Class A fire resistance.
  • Low maintenance costs-The clay bricks used in Spanish tile roofs show strong resistance even in areas where typhoons and sandstorms are frequent, resist strong winds and corrosion, and have low maintenance costs.
  • Long service life-due to its durability in extreme weather conditions, Spanish tiles can actually last a lifetime, possibly as long as 100 years or more.
  • House appearance-long service life, environmentally friendly materials, simple and beautiful appearance, clay bricks can increase the value of your home.
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Learn More About UPVC Roofing Sheets

As the name suggests UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) roofing sheets are made from a combination of plastic and metal. They are considered as good membrane for roof construction. They are highly durable and strong and can resist extreme weather conditions and other factors. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of colors and designs.


As it is an insulated metal, it is suitable to be used in various industrial applications. For example, it is a very effective choice for cladding roofs for industries and factories. Generally, UPVC roofing sheet manufacturing industries are using this type upvc roofing sheet for the roof structure because it can provide both long term and cost saving solution. Moreover, it can be easily installed on any type of construction, be it the industrial or residential sector.


Generally, this type of product comes in two major varieties - the pre-fabricated upvc spanish tile roofing sheets and the custom upvc twin wall sheet. In the former, you get a variety of different colors and design and have the freedom to design your roof as per your own needs and requirements. The manufacturer places an order after assessing the size and shape of the factory roof. Depending upon the requirements of the manufacturing industry, you can either request a special order callback or a pre-built product. These special requests may include size and shape specifications.


As far as the design is concerned, you are not confined to the usual tile shapes. There are various roofing solutions and tile options that you can choose from. If you are looking for more creativity, then you can either request a custom design and request a re-design or simply give a rough estimate of the changes that you want to make to the existing roof. The manufacturing company would then complete the job taking into consideration the changes made in the estimates. So, if you want to get innovative with your Spanish tile roofing solution, then you can either opt for the re-designed sheets or a special order for a customized design.


So, whether you are looking forward towards an eco-friendly roof or you are looking for a unique design for your house, you should be perfectly comfortable with the specifications and standards of manufacturing. You can even request a material analysis report. This is a report that describes the R factor, energy efficiency ratio, air permeability and sound quality of the material. If you have any queries about the product specifications, you can get in touch with the Rufu roofing tiles manufacturer directly. If you need any further information about uPVC roof sheets, you can log on to the internet and check out product details from our website. 

Three Types of Rufu Roofing Sheet Material For House

There are different types of roof sheets, each has its own advantages. These leaves are different depending on materials and durability, so let's take a look at them.

1. Corrugated UPVC Roofing Sheet

The first type of roof piece is a corrugated UPVC roofing sheet, which is mainly used in agricultural buildings due to frequent layers on their surface. The PVC corrugated sheet roof sheet has a completely large structure and its own characteristics, it provides the roof of sustainability and long-term resistance while protecting the residence. And then, these leaves use the throat design, which is the reason why it is so powerful and stable. Corrugated roof sheets are also environmentally friendly, which is ideal for protective barracks, garages and other structures.


2. Currugated Sheet Polycarbonate

The polycarbonate roof sheets are used mainly in large commercial buildings and industrial areas. They apply a reason for a reason: its great strength, which makes them an excellent choice. Installation or even waterproof, they are very simple, they enter a variety of design and textures, which makes them very resistant.


3. Metal Roofing Tile

Metal roof tiles are used for construction roofs according to their design, texture, price, durability and other factors. These leaves are used in the garage, backwards and garden apartments, as well as elsewhere. These roof bars have different textures and design, which can add a personal touch to your home. Therefore, they are not folded as a PVC corrugated roof. They are not easily broken.


The Advantages of The PVC Plastic Roof Sheet

Now you are familiar with different types of leaves and their applications, let us take a look at the advantages of the plastic roof sheet, these days are so popular:


1. Save cost:

Compared to the metal plate, Rufu plastic roof sheet is relatively inexpensive. If you are looking for an effective shelter for your home, this is the right choice for you, the installation is very simple, which gives you another reason to install these leaves on the roof.


2. Durable and easy to install:

As mentioned earlier, these leaves are easy to install, without any complication or too much effort, which can save time. These leaves are durable compared to other available papers and contain a large amount of strength. This is the best choice in your home, if you want to be subjected to natural and dangerous disasters, its function can offer complete protection for your home.


3. Extreme climatic resistance: 

Another advantage of the PVC plastic roofing tiles is due to the excellent durability of plastics, they are not easily damaged. They are suitable for warm and cold temperatures because they are extremely weather resistant and are not easily damaged by scratches and markers.




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