sythetic resin roofing tile


ASA Synthetic resin roof structure tile is exquisitely manufactured by RUFUTILE Market Firm.


On the basis of the composite thermal insulation roof structure porcelain tile generation, and through the development of superior creation devices and process technologies, as well as the adoption of ultra-great weather- confirmation technology resin manufactured by global renowned businesses, which is an innovation on the basis of summarizing the experiences of foreign related goods. lt provides the exclusive features like diverse and durable shades, gorgeous design and powerful three-dimensional impression, and simply being consistent using the characteristics in the Chinese structural culture.


lt even offers the merits of light, water-proof, hard, thermal insulating, sound insulating, corrosion proof, wind tolerant and jolt tolerant. hail resistant, spot resistant, natural and eco-friendly, fire resilient, insulating, simple to put in and so on, and is the perfect roof decorative and water-proof fabric for many different long term structures, and a form of far more convenient and more rapidly product or service alternative to substantial-level roof structure materials, particularly suited to the “ smooth-to-sloping" jobs vigorously publicized within our nation currently.





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