Can The PVC Roof Sheets Resist The Flame ?

  • By:Rufu
  • Date:2021/11/19

The main component of PVC is polyethylene, and the flame retardant performance of PVC tile roofing sheet has always been the focus of attention. White polyvinyl chloride (PVC) since more than a century, researchers constantly strengthen its flame retardant technology, at present, pvc plastics by the national chemical testing center inspection is difficult materials, fire performance grade reached V-0 suction, in line with the fire safety regulations plant standard, for the national building materials association to promote the use of safety and environmental protection roof materials.


PVC Plastics


PVC sheet roofing materials not only have a fire reactance, also has a light weight, simple installation, anti-corrosion insulation, waterproof, wind resistance, insulation, green environmental protection, widely used in factory, warehouse, farmers market, market channel, etc., its flame resistance is no less than color steel tile, PVC roof sheets installation convenience, and anti-corrosion heat insulation, insulation, insulation, etc. All these advantages are better color steel tile.The special ratio is of pvc roof sheets is greater, also used for large and plant constructions.




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