Focus On The Detailed Information of PVC Roof Sheet Tile

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  • Date:2021/11/26

What Are PVC Roof  Sheets ?

PVC roof sheets tile is created from PVC rosin because the main staple, supplemented by UV ultraviolet resistance and alternative chemical raw materials, through scientific magnitude relation, with advanced technology, PVC roof sheets have sensible fireplace bar, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, no amphibious composition, bright color, environmental protection and healthy.


Performance of PVC Roof Sheets

1. In terms of worth, it's cheaper and sensible

2. fireplace resistance- -oxygen index OI thirty-two, that may be a refractory material;

3. Anti-corrosion-chemical corrosion resistance, quite three times longer life than atomic number 30 plate;

4. sturdy toughness- -impact resistance, tensile resistance, tough to brittle crack;

5. Weather resistance- -Due to UV UV resistance accessorial within the material, the merchandise will very play anti-ultraviolet irradiation and life expertise;

6. Low noise- -the noise is especially low in rain, that is quite 30db less than the noise of the metal house panel;

7. light-weight - -easy installation and handling, save time and effort;

8. Beautiful-bright color and colorful;

9. Environmental protection- -no amphibole elements, no cancer unharness, and alternative substances.


PVC roof tile 


UPVC Roof Tile

Mainly used for 2 slop sort roof, with roofing tile association cowl. If roof insulation is required, the extension of bedding may be used beneath the tile. Then the UPVC roof tile is roofed over the extension, with the self-tapping screw into one, fastened on the purlin of the steel structure. Type 840 tile characteristic, once the water won't rain.


It is the most effective material to make the arch style of building a greenhouse. incorporate the massive span roof, while not deformation, quick construction, safe and convenient, once the development permits, no longitudinal association.


PVC Roof Sheet Application Field

High-grade workshop, steel structure plant, warehouse, farmers' market, market channel, automobile shed, and alternative high-end roof materials. Heavy industry corrosive chemical plants, smelters, soy plants, printing and coloring industry, organic solvent plants, acid production, alkali production, and alternative corrosive factories.


PVC roof sheet


PVC Roof Sheets Production Method

Polyvinyl chloride rosin (hereinafter brought up as PVC) because the main staple, supplemented by UV ultraviolet resistance and alternative chemical raw materials, once a scientific magnitude relation, once heat molding, the thickness of extrusion once cooling and shaping.Because PVC chemical raw materials themselves have the impact of resisting chemical corrosion, a range of chemical materials square measure accustomed assist within the magnitude relation of raw materials to attain the aim of resisting cold, ultraviolet irradiation, and aging.


PVC Roof Tile Installation

The purlin of the steel frame is 80cm- -1m as acceptable. tiles square measure horizontally taken as a 0.5 wave or 2 waves primarily based. Considering the wind direction. Use tile hook or qualified self-tapping drill wire for putting in tile fasteners. When victimization drilling, we must always grasp the strength, it's tough to be too tight.




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