Spanish Style

for Residential roofing, sheds, carports, gazebos, pergola applications.


With all the speedy growth and development of The Days, people's pursuit of standard of living is becoming greater and higher, tiny to brick by brick are transforming following the planet, much like synthetic resin roof tile, will be the new roof top tile manufactured by the rate of The Instances, effective, colorful, convenient installing, a lot better to the fast rate of contemporary daily life requirements.

What roof structure will be the Spanish synthetic resin roof tile suited to?

1. Established concrete roof covering

Just before setting up Spanish roof tile, the roof structure level, waterproof covering, heat retaining material coating, questing coating happen to be finished and passed the recognition.After the laying of questing layer of upvc roof sheet, the maintenance will be appropriate. The healing time shall not under 14 days and nights, and high items shall be prohibited. The flatness shall be measured by 2m ruler before set up, and also the allowable deviation of questing coating work surface flatness is 5mm.

2. wood made roof

The wooden plate area is toned and contains tiny materials deformation with platter size above 12mm (plate thickness selected as outlined by frame space) galvanized fingernails or bolts are reliably associated with purlin or roof top beam. 

3. steel construction roof structure

Metal composition roof demands the frame, purlin as well as other factors to hold level, so that the plan of your roofing node welding must comply with the building specs, protect against prohibited functioning all steel should be anti-rust therapy.




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