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Why do I have to pre-drill fastener holes in roofing with PVC roof sheet?

Pre-drilling the holes is necessary to ensures that the panels have room to expand and contract properly with temperature changes. Skipping this step can lead to distorted, warped or cracked panels.

Is RUFUTILE resistant to UV radiation?

Yes, RUFU PVC sheet is resistant to UV.

Is it OK to walk over PVC roofing sheets, during or after installation?

No. If it can’t be avoided during installation, use stepping ladders, platforms or crawling boards to prevent walking directly over the roof sheet, after installation, we suggested must be walking on where the supportive cross beam or supportive purline with roofing personal protective equipment on.

My building inspector says I need the fire certification for PVC roof. Can you provide this information?

Yes. We can provide test reports and other such documents. Please contact your RUFUTILE Sales for further data.

When roofing with PVC corrugated roof sheet, where should I fix the screws – valley or crest points?

Must fixed on the Crest to prevent water leakage.

When roofing with PVC roof sheet or spanish roof sheet, where should I start to install?

You can either choose to install from left to right, or right to left. It is recommended to always advance against the dominant wind direction at the site. Never start at both sides, or at any two separate points.

Is PVC Roof resistant to animal residue?

All of RuFuTile pvc roofing’s animal covering solutions are resistant to animal residues, detergents, and other chemicals, and guarantee 10+ year warranty.




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