Why We Recommend You To Buy PVC Roof Sheet ?

  • By:Rufu
  • Date:2021/11/15

So what are the advantages of buying pvc roof sheet? What areas can it be used for?

Advantages of RUFUTILE pvc roof tile sheet :

1. It has excellent waterproof performance and dense non-water absorption, which is a new type of no-waterproof layer roof building material;

2. The most common single-layer pvc plastic roofing tile, with a service life of not less than 5 years, is free of maintenance. Some corrosion resistant composite brick and hollow corrosion insulation brick can reach more than 15 years;

3. Direct nail, saw, drill and plane.It has the advantages of simple construction, fast paving speed, short construction period and low cost;

4. Never rust, acid and alkali resistant, durable;

5. It is a green energy-saving and environmental protection building materials, which can effectively save energy consumption;

PVC roof sheet

6. RUFU pvc roof sheets are suitable for structural foundations, such as cast-in-place concrete slab, steel structure, wood structure, etc.;

7. RUFU pvc roof sheet is suitable for the slope roof with waterproof grade of level 1 (two waterproof fortification with waterproof cushion), level 2 (one or two waterproof cushion layer), level 3 (a waterproof fortification with waterproof cushion layer), and level 4 (a waterproof fortification with no waterproof cushion).

8. Rufu pvc roof sheet is a new environmental protection roof tile with the lightest weight, the strongest weather resistance and the lowest comprehensive cost in the current roof building materials.Rich and colorful colors, various kinds, complete supporting facilities, can be widely used in different fields, to meet the different needs of customers. 




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