4 Advantages of UPVC Twin Wall System Roof Sheet

  • By:Rufu
  • Date:2021/11/10

UPVC Twin wall hollow sheet is the new type of air core tile, Its unique multi-frame patent design. UPVC  roofing sheet has these advantages :

1) Air Insulation, Cooling.

The design of hollow multi-frame can skillfully use the principle of flow air heat insulation, reducing its heat conductivity number to 0.067/w/m.k and foam sandwich plate ratio.


2) Multi-frame Design, Rigid And Soft Together.

The hollow multi-frame structure formed by dense reinforcement doubles the product rigidity and bending resistance, the folding load of 100N does not break, that is, 100KG per square meter, more than twice stronger than ordinary color tile, tensile strength of 202N, Vica softening point of 80℃, which can be used in the environment below 75℃.

UPVC Twin wall system roof sheet

3)  Good Sound Insulation, Stay Away From The Trouble.

The use of air media sound insulation can have suburban noise reduction,insulation volume: | Rw(C:Ctr)=24(-1:-3)dB.Rw+C=23dB.Rw+Ctr=21dB. Sound insulation performance classification is level 1


4) Patent Design For Protection Against Leakage.

The lap position cleverly uses the corresponding urban design to achieve the leakage prevention beauty and high utilization rate.




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