The Difference Between Synthetic Resin Roof Tile And Steel Iron Roof Tile

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  • Date:2021/09/30

Synthetic resin roof tiles are made of ASA material compared to iron plates. It has excellent weather resistance, high toughness, high strength, good processing performance and stable color.The synthetic resin roof tile of RUFUTILE has good shielding performance, and no water leakage and crack will occur in encountering natural phenomena. The spanish roof tile has excellent thermal insulation performance. ASA Synthetic resin roof tile is an insulation product, you encounter accidental discharge. It will also be intact and do no harm to people.

  Spanish roof tile


Iron tiles are made of iron. Although the iron coating is corrosion resistant and protects the material, it does not avoid rust. Rain or snow may accelerate the rust process, shorten the service life of iron tiles, easy to aging, and easy to water seepage when it rains.It is well known that iron is not an insulating product. During rain, accidental discharge is dangerous to human life.

  steel iron roof tile


RUFUTILE synthetic plastic roof tile has a good sound insulation effect. The experiment proved that RUFUTILE synthetic resin roof tile has good sound absorption effect affected by external noise such as heavy rain and strong wind. People who use iron may experience noises, When hail or rain increases, the carrying capacity of its roof is reduced. To ensure a good roof, it is recommended to use RUFUTILE brand spanish roof tile to eliminate this inconvenience.




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