3 Points To Pay Attention When Choosing UPVC Roof Sheet

  • By:Rufu
  • Date:2021/10/09

1, Rigidity, Toughness, and Tensile Strength

Because UPVC roof sheet are generally used for the roof, window edge, such as some higher places, so it must have good rigidity, strong toughness and strong strength, and these three points are often contradictory, the pursuit of toughness can not require rigidity and hardness.Therefore, in the purchase according to their own situation to comprehensively balance the three relations, especially after a period of use performance will decline, this needs to be considered when material selection.


2, Heat resistance

Domestic summer outdoor temperature is high, anti-corrosion PVC roof tile all day in the sun, is bound to require its high heat resistance, so when the choose and buy, to pay special attention to the selected product heat temperature value, for outdoor high, indoor can be reduced, but not because of low price choose low heat temperature products, otherwise UPVC roof sheet easy to soft phenomenon, can not play an effect.


3, aging resistance

The main effect of formal UPVC roof tile is anti-corrosion. But in outdoor use, in addition to the sunshine ultraviolet ray, tiles also bear the wind, rain, haze and other factors, these factors tend to make anti-corrosion plastic tile accelerated aging, each area causes aging causes of different, south hot rain, north wind haze, so to choose and buy according to the specific situation of the area to choose.


920 UPVC roof sheet 700x520


As one of upvc roofing sheet suppliers, Rufu's article above is sum up in the choose and buying UPVC roof sheet need to pay special attention to the three points, in addition to the choose and buy test product thermal contraction rate, heat contraction rate is too big products after sun exposure easy deformation, warping, affect beautiful and can not recover, and heat contraction rate small products as long as the temperature does not exceed heat resistance temperature value, basic will not occur deformation, warping phenomenon.




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