The Importance of Heat Insulation In Synthetic Resin Roof Tile

  • By:Rufu
  • Date:2021/11/01

Heat insulation is one of the main functions of synthetic resin roof tile. During a year, there are several months of weather is very hot, especially in some high temperature areas with long sunshine time and strong ultraviolet light, the heat insulation effect of roof tile will be severely tested. So how much is the heat resistance of synthetic resin roof tiles in all aspects?


synthetic tile deformed


The thermal conductivity of the synthetic resin tile was 0.061W/m.k, is about 1 / 310 of clay tile, and 1 / 2000 of 0.5mm thick color steel tile, which shows the high heat resistance of composite resin tile can not only effectively block the external heat from entering the house in summer, but also effectively prevent the temperature in the house in winter, so as to achieve the effect of thermal insulation.


resistance resin (ASA)


The heat resistance of synthetic resin roof tile has a lot to do with the super-weather resistance resin (ASA) on its surface. High-quality ASA fabric has the advantages of resisting the degradation, aging and fading caused by ultraviolet radiation, and the decomposition or discoloration caused by high temperature in the atmospheric oxidation processing process has a strong guarantee, which greatly improves the anti-aging, heat resistance and color durability of synthetic tile roofing materials, and also has good high temperature resistance performance.




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