How To Install Synthetic Resin Transparent Tile

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  • Date:2021/10/21

Transparent synthetic resin tile is a new type of lighting tile material. Its tile connection is convenient without water seepage.Because its own weight is light, so there is no super-heavy steel frame structure to support the point, environmental protection and energy saving is almost perfect. Outdoor aging resistance can be applied for ten years, with light transmittance above 80%. PC transparent tile is made of polycarbonate as raw material. Polycarbonate ester acid is a polymer of carbon chain containing polycarbonate ester bond.


Commodities have high light transmittance, impact resistance and compressive strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, deeply favored by the decoration industry.


Synthetic resin Transparent tile 700x400


PC transparent tile installation mode

1, board is connected with the middle of the upper and lower parts of the board, connect the raised tile edges on both sides of the board A and B to each other and fixed with self-attack screws. Pay attention to the self-attack screws can not be too strong to prevent wavy tile change.


2, Between the board, left and right immediately pay attention to the lap order, the uphill starting board should be on the top of the downhill board, not on the lower side, to facilitate the drainage pipe.lap length is proposed above 15 cm and fixed with saddle buckle, inclination should exceed 15 degrees. Purlins shall be manipulated within one meter, and purlins in the three northeastern provinces with heavy snow load and wind load shall be controlled at 0.7 m.




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