Construction Requirements For Synthetic Resin Tile manufacturer

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  • Date:2021/09/18

Roofing requirements

In the installation of PVC synthetic resin roof tile manufacturers should first meet the corresponding roof requirements, that is, the building roof level should have a certain slope, so as to make better use of synthetic resin roof tile, and let rain along the tile timely exclusion in rainy days, so can let the roof not gathering water play an effective role of seepage prevention.


Line requirements

In order to make the resin tile can be neatly arranged after installation, the professional installation team of royal resin roof tile will outline the top level of the building before the formal installation, which helps to make the synthetic resin roof tile horizontal and vertical to ensure the installation quality of the spanish roof tile and achieve a certain beautiful effect.


Installation requirements

During the installation of synthetic resin roof tile, it is required to check the vertical side of the tile base and the construction line at any time, and then install the fixtures after confirmation.The lap length shall be ensured during longitudinal installation and the main tiles of the roof shall be installed simultaneously on both sides to ensure that the crest coincides when the ridge tile is installed; in addition, start from the main tile area and ensure that the overlap of the first ridge tile shall avoid overlap with the main tile overlap.


product of the synthetic resin tile manufacturer


These contents introduced above are some requirements that need to be met when conducting construction on the products of Spanish resin roof tile. RUFUTILE industry as synthetic resin roof tile manufacturer will provide professional construction guide line, so that buyers can be laid in strict accordance with the construction requirements, ensure that the royal roof tile paving can be more beautiful and more practical.




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