Attentions for Installation of Synthetic Resin Tiles

  • By:Rufu
  • Date:2021/06/18

With the unique waterproof and anti-corrosion properties of flame retardant, Synthetic resin tile are widely used in various buildings. Synthetic resin tile is very common in our daily life, but many people are not familiar with the installation process, especially the items need to pay attention to during the installation is not allow to ignore.

Synthetic Resin Tiles

Important notices for installation:

1. In the process of installation, make sure the roof tile bottom line and construction line is vertical, then make installation with the fitting completely.

2. The two slope roofing tile installation shall be carried out synchronous, ensure that the ridge tile installation in right wave

3. During the install process of the synthetic resin tile, the sealing ring should be fixed in the groove of the sealing cap, and the self tapping screw be used through the sealing ring center hole, drill and roof tile surface is vertical, the screw nuts should be tightened properly, not over-tight. Then put in the sealing cover

4. The steel purlin using the self tapping screw or stainless steel screw, and wooden purlin using the self tapping screws. The diameter of drilling holes should be 2mm bigger than that of self-tapping screws, Every other wave fixed one set of accessories

5. Tee ridge tile installed on three sides intersect vertices, the installation of tee ridge tile ridge tile should be after the main ridge and tilt ridge installation. During the installation of tee ridge tile, on lap was installed below the main ridge tile, the other two sides of the lap over installed above the tilt ridge tile




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