Is The PVC Corrugated Sheet UV Resistant?

  • By:Rufu
  • Date:2021/12/03

RUFU PVC corrugated sheets are specially produced for some corrosion plants and acid rain areas, good heat insulation, lasting color, good impact resistance, high weather resistance, etc. Each layer of RUFU PVC corrugated sheet has its own functions, the surface is super weather-resistant resin, ensuring the product strength and product rigidity; the underlying material increases the toughness of the product.


Three different materials give RUFU PVC corrugated sheet various functional characteristics and combine together so that PVC anti-corrosion plastic tile can maintain stability even after long-term exposure, still maintaining the product performance.

PVC corrugated sheet


 RUFU PVC corrugated plastic sheet is weather-resistant, and the use effect is significant. At present, various fields have also replaced the color steel tiles with PVC corrugated sheets. If you hava any interests in Rufu sheets products, please send message to, we will cantact you as soon as possible.




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